Welcome To My Life


I have played with the thought of putting my life and thoughts into an actual blog format for years and well…HERE IT IS! I am not a motivational speaker or financial guru by any means, but I believe that I can potentially motivate and advise through my own personal journey through life.

What can be expected


Life lessons that have molded me into the person I am today. From career decisions to personal, I take you along my roller coaster of life.


I have a handful of hobbies and passions that have taught me about life. In the best and worst of times, I have turned to physical activity and mental stimulation for guidance and comfort.

January 2015: Hiking Mt. Pilchuck


Anything and everything that may come to mind that I feel has to be brought to attention. Agree to disagree because without opinions and conversation, we would all be mindless, gutless robots.


One of my all time goals has been to travel the world with or without company. I enjoy aimlessly driving without GPS and sometimes even an end location in mind. Now that I have moved from the PNW (Pacific NorthWest) to the SAC (South Atlantic Coast) I can share my epic road trip and new locations with you.

August 14th, 2016: Driving from Spokane, WA to Yellowstone National Park

Through the Lens

I personally do not like to take many pictures or selfies when I am somewhere new. My reasoning for that came from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. So when I do snap photos on Instagram, I will elaborate on them here.

Upcoming blogs

  • A Solo Christmas
  • 2016 to 2017
  • My road trip across the country #SEA2ORL
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • White Castle, St. Cloud, MN
    • DisneyWorld
    • Overall Recap: August 12th – August 17th
  • My 18 brothers and sisters
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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