A Solo Christmas

A solo Christmas is not what I had moved down to Florida. Dealing with the circumstances of not being able afford flying back for Christmas and my nephew’s 2nd birthday, I decided to take my long awaited trip to another Florida beach.

Cocoa Beach is about an hour from East Orlando and if you drive like the locals, 45 minutes. Driving on 50 East, I95S to Miami and A1A East was the fastest I have driven in awhile. The most I go now-a-days is touching 60 to and from work. Cruising down I95 at 80 and having others pass me, it tempted me to push my car to limits I have not touched since being back home. It was one of the most thrilling drives I have had in along time.

It is a beautiful drive and whenever I feel lonely or the need to get away I get up and go on a whim to a place I have not explored yet. I tossed the idea of Tampa and realized it was too far to visit and get the most out of the day leaving around noon.

First stop: Pig & Whistle English Pub

December 25, 2016: Crab and Krab Cakes Burger

I enjoy eating, exploring, and talking to locals. This was a festive, dimly lit pub with some amazing crab and krab cake sandwiches. Bar food is one of my favorite choices because it is on the cheaper side and every bar has its own touch. A cheeseburger from Pullman, WA may taste slightly different from a cheeseburger in Cocoa Beach, Florida. From the produce provider, meat supplier, cook, etc. everything makes a difference.

Second stop: Cocoa Beach

December 25th, 2016: Cocoa Beach

It was a bit chilly out when I had left Orlando around noon, so I decided to wear a tank and pants. As soon as I got to the beach, it was not the best decision to lay around in. I sat there on my beach towel, watching the families and other beach goers as they enjoyed their Christmas at Cocoa. The breeze and soft sand between my toes was all that was needed.

Third stop: The Beach Shack

Relaxing on the beach was nice but, I grew a bit thirsty and wanted to change into some shorts.  There was not much open along the beach so I walked down a ways and found a small shack that was showing a World’s Strongest Man Competition. The fresh air and view of the patio called my name so I sat aimlessly, wanting to blog about my thoughts, but I decided to sip on my beer and soak in the moment.

Sometimes sitting and staring off into nothing is the best thing for the mind, it clears the junk and runs wild with anything it comes across.

Back home

As I arrived back home around 1830, my family back home had just finished up opening presents. My cousins and I have a groupme chat and snapchat each other so they knew where I was and when I would be able to FaceTime with them. The time spent on FaceTime was more-so with my two year old nephew and asking him to say my name, trying to have a conversation with him, and watching him run around. Seeing my family for the brief 15 minutes and having a beer with them made it feel like I was home.

Overall, it may have seemed that my first Christmas away from my family was lonely and uneventful but, spending time alone is one of my favorite things to do. Especially on a holiday that is all about family and friends my only option, besides Netflix and drinking beer all day, was to go on an adventure and surround myself with others. Though I did not talk to anyone at the restaurant, beach, or shack, I was still spending my holiday with people.


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