My Thoughts of NYE and NYRs

When it comes to celebrating the oncoming year and making resolutions, I tend to stray away from the mainstream activities. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see the NYC ball drop in Times Square, have a midnight kiss with the at the moment girlfriend (or a female stranger of the night), celebrate with a group of friends on the town, but sometimes I just want to sit at home and drink beer over some Netflix. That is exactly what my roommate and I did to welcome in 2017, along side shotgunning a Miller Lite at midnight.

Every year I see posts of #NewYearNewMe or a bunch of resolutions that seem to just be repeated year after year like the first two weeks are all that matter. It’s prevalent in the gym scene. When the holidays came around, it was a salesman’s dream served with a side of stuffing and cheesecake. The first two or three weeks at the gym you’re fighting for space like you’re at a club on a Friday night. After the resulotioners’ rush is over, it’s back to the fellow gym rats you regularly see that don’t ever talk to and the few new members that have made it past the resolution hurdle. Now I’m not hear to rag on anyone or call anyone out because I make my own personal resolutions as well. My question is, why wait?

What’s My Point?

Why not start now? Why wait until the New Year, or tomorrow, next week, next month? In my opinion, if someone tells me they’ll start “eating healthy” or “quit smoking” in a specific time frame I chuckle because they’re already setting themselves up for failure in many different ways. The following are some of my thoughts and ways to start and keep at your own NYRs.

1) Choose someone that will understand and support

I have been on both sides of this. I have told my goals to others and kept them inside. It works with specific goals in mind. The ones I do choose to publicize are only to the friends that would understand how it feels.

Telling someone who does not smoke cigarettes that it is difficult to quit, would not resonate with them because the non-smoker does not have the experience of the process and troubles that come with quitting. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners are able to connect with one another on the goal and meaning of receiving the next stripe or belt promotion and understand what it takes and the support needed to be successful in BJJ. Be wary of who you choose to disclose your resolutions with.

Every year, one of my cousins asks what our resolutions are and keeps them in a file somewhere. He’s done this for multiple years and gives us updates every 4 months or when someone randomly asks what they texted. This way, there’s a record of what our goals were at the beginning of the year and if they need to be modified as the year has moved on.

2) Start now

What’s the point of starting at a later time when you have already made your mind up? The delay just presents the opportunity to binge and forget about the deal you had made with yourself. Personally, I think it’s stupid and destructive to put off something that you want to do. Do the research, know the side effects/benefits, and just put the cards on the table and start at the moment your mind is made up.

3) Have self-control or remove yourself

Have friends that always end up drinking or smoking when they get together? Resist the urge to give in or suggest doing something else. If they won’t understand, then remove yourself and find an outlet or new set of friends that will enjoy your company. Remember, it’s not a group goal, it’s a personal one.

4) Accountability

Having trouble getting yourself to the gym? Keep a physical reminder next to everything you grab as you go out the door, at your work station, in your car, everywhere. No matter what, always bring your gym bag, plans could change or you had a stressful day at work and need to work it out. What helps me is keeping a picture of my current self and my past self when I was in shape, it keeps me motivated and tells me if I’ve done it once, I could do it again. Find a team sport and add your teammates on social media.

At training last Saturday, one of my teammates says to me, “I’ve been seeing you more often, you’ve been training every day?” and I answered back, “It keeps me sane and it’s therapeutic.” When you hold yourself accountable, your teammates and friends also notice and wonder why you missed training the other night.

5) Forget FOMO

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out.

You see the fun activities that your friends are posting on social media and you wonder if you’re missing out on something special. Truth is, you probably are, but if that’s how you think about every situation, you’re really missing out on everything else happening at that very moment with other groups of friends. Live in the present for yourself and no one else because you’re not there to make anyone else happy or experience something for someone else. Take a random drive two or three hours in one direction, do something alone, watch a movie, eat dinner, go to a fitness class and reach out to others, enjoy it for yourself.

My Resolutions?

It may seem contradictory because part of my list has been carried over from 2016 and maybe even 2015, but no one is perfect and if we keep trying, eventually the mountain is climbed.

  • Quit smoking cigarettes
  • Earn my BJJ Blue Belt (currently a 3 stripe White Belt)
  • Place first in a BJJ competition
  • Compete in BJJ in another state
  • Save $5000
  • Pay off one credit card
  • Goal Weight/BF%: 185/12% (currently 220/20%)
  • Travel outside of the US

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