via Daily Prompt: Capable

You are…

Capable, a word that I associate with the struggles that come in life. A word that can be used to uplift a fellow companion through life. A word that can bring light to another’s day.

I used to struggle financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Through sports I learned that struggle never ends. When you finally climb the mountain you’ve been trekking, there’s always a larger one that draws you in or is put in your way.

I’m short in stature, but built like a brick wall with wide shoulders. Growing up like this, I was always on the heavier end of the scale and paired up with taller individuals in basketball, football, wrestling, and now Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

When I begin to psych myself out during competition or training, I remind myself of all the hard work, energy, training, time and money that I have put aside to compete. Something I have learned in BJJ is that there is always a way to win, no matter what position you’re in. You’re never out of the fight if you can get yourself into a more dominant position and gain control, there’s always a way to win.

If you feel incapable to execute a move, get yourself in a position to be capable. You put yourself in situations, whether or not you come out victorious is all on you.

Cheers and happy Friday!


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