“It’s a Marathon, not a sprint”

via Daily Prompt: Marathon

I’m sure plenty of you have heard this from others and even said it to yourselves. Life comes at you fast and sometimes it feels like you have to hit the ground running to keep up. In reality, run as fast as you want because there’s no way that life will ever slow down for you and when it does, it will leave you behind sooner or later.

Ask yourself today, “What is the finish line?” Is it the career you’ve always wanted and have been working for? Once that is achieved, do you stop striving for more? Is it a black belt or medal or championship in a sport, professional or amateur?

Now I’m not saying that little goals and sprints aren’t beneficial to growth, but I’ve seen friends and family and even myself make small sprints a couple of time per year (maybe just once). But, in my opinion, life is all about how long you can last, it’s not about how quickly you can get from point A to point B. So I say enjoy the journey or “marathon” of life, take a few deep breaths and live how you want to until we no longer have the chance. Make the most of of your day and if you need more sleep, take a tip from Arnold Schwarzenegger and “sleep faster”.

Cheers and Happy Monday!



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