Take A Breather

via Daily Prompt: Overworked

I’m sure we’ve all felt it, the stacks of folders on your desk, the homework due in the next hour, the jobs, the bills, and everything else that eats away at our day. At times it seems like you can’t catch a break and you want to throw your hands in the air and say “F*** it, I’m out!”

I’ve felt it myself, now that I’m living and working the office life Monday through Friday 8 – 5. The way that I personally deal with the feeling of being overworked or overwhelmed with a packed work schedule and non-career goals is to plan almost every hour of the day and stick to it.

This is what a typical day for me looks like mapped out Monday through Friday:

  • 0450-0515: Shoot the target on my pop-up alarm clock
  • 0515-0530: Pack 3 bananas, 2 apples, some lunch and refill my water bottle.
  • 0530-0545: Get dressed for the gym.
  • 0600-0705: Pick stuff up and put them back down.
  • 0800-0830: Fill my coffee cup, drop it off at my desk, walk around the production floor and say good morning to the team I work closely with, read a chapter of “The Way of the Modern Warrior”.
  •  0830-0900: Check WordPress and the Daily Post and if I can, blog and post.
  • 0900-1200: Work with a usual feeling of drowsiness at 1000-1030.
  • 1200-1300: Lunch with coworkers and blog if I have the chance.
  • 1300-1700: Work with a usual feeling of drowsiness at 1500-1530.
  • 1700-1745: Drive to Gracie Barra Oviedo.
  • 1800-2030: Roll around in robes with sweaty people and try not to die.
  • 2030-2130: Throw my gi in the washer/dryer, unpack my Tupperware, wash them, eat a little bit, shower, brush my teeth, fill up water.
  • 2130-2230: Netflix & Chill with my phone and water, check some blogs, blog, lay out my gym clothes for the morning, fold my gi, pack my gym bag.
  • 2330-0000: Climb into bed, set my alarms, put on some YouTube motivation and hope I fall asleep by 0030-0100.

Now I’ve read articles that have said mapping out your day by the minute is healthy and others that have gone against it. In my opinion, do what you need to do. Be happy. Organize the chaos in your life so that extra five minutes could become free. Do some exercises. Clear your mind. Use your time wisely and chase your dreams. Someday I want to earn my BJJ Black Belt, travel the world, not live the corporate life, train for a living, write a YouTube series with my best friend, reach out to you all through blogging or vlogging, open up a niche restaurant, have a family, and live on my own schedule. Until then, I will be a corporate robot in a land of cubicles.

Cheers to you all and Happy Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Take A Breather

  1. aindricrow

    I can’t imagine living the corporate life in a cubicle farm, hopefully you get out and travel one day! Taking a breath is one of the best things for organizing chaos, it gives you time to think. Glad I found your blog it’s very down to earth and

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    1. Thank you aindricrow very much. I have a trip coming up where my best friend from Seattle is meeting me on the east coast (I don’t want to give it away just yet) and it’ll be both of our first times in the city. I like to corporate life to one day be able to break away and support myself on the go.

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