“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”

via Daily Prompt: Exposure

Do you feel stuck in life or in a rut? Living the same day-to-day life and doing nothing on the weekends? Get yourself out there in a foreign element. Try something new at least once a month. One activity is bound to stick and become a routine, once that schedule gets redundant and you need to mix it up a little bit, then another monthly activity may take its place.

Life is all about experience and adventure. It doesn’t matter what the adventure may be, but the experience should be aimed to clear and relax your mind. My go-to “meditation” is something physical where I’m not focusing on what I’m doing after or what happened earlier that day that ticked me off. When I’m lifting weights before work, I focus on the muscles in motion. When I’m rolling on mats with my teammates, I’m not thinking of the bills that need to get paid or that I need to fill up my gas tank. I’m living in the moment, scheming my next submission/escape/sweep.

Put yourself out there and get comfortable being uncomfortable and soon enough, you’ll be able to start being happy.

Happy Friday All!


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