#SEA2ORL : The Biggest Change In My Life

The meaning behind #SEA2ORL

There is no hiding from hashtags now-a-days. Any subject out there that you would like to research and find more information about, there’s bound to be a hashtag about it. I see the genius behind the idea and organization of hashtags, but there has been so much abuse to them that they just seem annoying, useless, and redundant. I made this hashtag for my friends and family to follow me on my one-way road trip across the country.

The breakdown of the hashtag:

  • SEA – Seattle
  • 2       – to
  • ORL – Orlando

Go check out the photos on Instagram using #SEA2ORL and for other photos @kooyabiggmacc.


  • My Final Week
  • Day 1 & 2: Spokane Surprise
  • Day 3: Yellowstone National Park
  • Day 4: The Noble Novelty
  • Day 5: Southern Hospitality
  • Day 6: Final Destination
  • Day 7: The Warm Atlantic Ocean
  • Day 8: Disney World
  • Day 9: The Closing

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