Hump Day Motivation

Look at you! You made it to Wednesday! Now what?

Well, if you need more motivation, look at yourself and where you are right now. The fact that you are able to read this blog, blog yourself, and share this with others says a lot about the life you’re able to live. The fact that you and I have a choice and the privilege to share our lives and read about others’. The fact that we may be thousands of miles away, but still able to instantly communicate.

All I’m saying is, the chances of living in another era where we would have to write with quills and ride horses for days to deliver a message or the chance of being born into a less privileged part of the world, is real. The chances that we each came from two specific cells out of billions that made it to each other. I know this sounds like a motivational science experiment, but it’s true, be grateful for the opportunities that you’re able to come across and make for yourself.

Whenever you’re feeling the struggle that life throws at you, just think about the life that you could be living and how many people have is worse than you do. Be grateful for the job you have, the money you have in your wallet/purse, the wallet/purse you have, everything in your possession that you have the choice to have. Keep trekking through the journey of life and enjoy the ride, you only have one, don’t waste it.

Cheers and Happy Hump Day to you all!


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