My Final Week

I don’t say ‘good-bye’ I say ‘see you soon’

Anticipating my questionable move to Florida kept my family and I guessing for weeks. I was told two months in advance that the transfer will happen and was reassured every other week with an email or a phone call. Each time with a form of “We’re still deciding what department you’re going to work in,” or “We’re deciding if you’re going to Chicago, New York or down to Florida first.” With the confidence and risky teeter-totter I was playing with my career and happiness, I’m thankful that it has played out well thus far.

Family First

At this point, I made the decision to have a last minute lunch with my extended family for what happened to be my last Saturday home. Every family has its own go-to restaurant for their own immediate family celebration and their choice for extended family gathering. When I turned 21, we chose Azteca. Since then, every birthday I’ve had or celebration has been at the same spot.

Not because I was leaving, but because his mom wasn’t there with him 🙂

My Teammates

Just as my family comes first, my BJJ team is a close second. Spending 10 – 12 hours a week, face-to-face and simulating death towards one another, you can’t help but stay close. Training for 6 hours a week, at least 30 minutes of just cooling down and talking, and the rest of the time together eating or watching old UFC fights. Family could be through blood, but there’s also the sweat and tears that bond us together.

After I got back from my interviews in June, I went through weeks of being asked by my teammates when I would be leaving for Florida and if I was still leaving. As much as I wanted to stay as much as they wanted me to, I needed to make this move for myself and get out to experience more than what Washington has offered me.


  • Top Left: Endo – One of the best littermates I could ask for. Our teammates know when we’re rolling because they hear us laughing over the heavy breathing of others.
  • Middle: Shabi – Quite possibly the toughest and strongest white belts at the academy.
  • Bottom Left: Professor Cindy – The 12th of The Dirty Dozen. She may be weathered and beat up, but she’s such a badass MMA fighter and professor.
  • Right: Coach Dave (now Professor Dave) – One of the most down to Earth people I know. Every time I’m feeling too tired to train, he’s always there to flow or get that extra push out of me.

Molly Moons & The RAM

The meet up spot for Friday nights, birthdays, kick-it sessions, Happy Hour and everything in between. We frequent The RAM so often that some of the bartenders know our beer orders and appetizers.


“May we meet again.” – The 100


2 thoughts on “My Final Week

    1. whaaaat…I’m gonna have to congratulate him later and when I come back in June. Down here have the green belt then the blue…so I won’t have a blue for awhile, but eh.
      I’ll see you in June again litter bro 🙂


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