Monday Motivation: Up & At ‘Em

I don’t frequently use my LinkedIn account/app, but when I do, I read articles on motivation and how to be more successful. I stumbled upon Because of 4AM yesterday and it resonated with my past three weeks.

For the past three weeks, I have been waking up consistently at 5AM and just this past week I changed it to 445AM to have more time for cardio. Now why do I work out before work instead of after?

For one, I’m more energetic and happy when I arrive at the office at 8AM. I realize that I’ve already been up for at least three hours, one and a half of which where I’m picking up heavy weights and putting them back down and repeating. It’s no lie that breaking a morning sweat gets you ready for the day because I’m ready to work and get the difficult work tasks out of the way.

Secondly, the most difficult part of my day is over. Getting out of the warm and cozy sheets when you’re tired and groggy is the worst part for many others I’ve shared my daily schedule with. Waking up at 445AM, not getting home until 9PM, and sleeping around 1130PM doesn’t leave me with much time for anything during the weekdays and that’s alright with me.

My goal in life isn’t to live the corporate world and try to satisfy my boss until I’m sitting in a rocking chair, not for me. I want to own a couple of businesses, write stories and scripts, travel the world, and make money in my sleep any way I can. I like my office job for the moment, but working 8-5 and also wanting to be a BJJ Blackbelt and having other unorthodox goals I want to achieve doesn’t really line up with a 40 hour work schedule.

Lastly, getting up at early keeps me motivated and excited for what’s to come. I know that one day, all of the early mornings and late nights will pay off with medals and opportunities. Waking up shows me that I can function on a small amount of sleep, work my ass off, and proves to myself I’m driven enough to get my ass out of bed.

What I’ve found helpful to get myself up is to find something other than being able to cook breakfast or having that extra time to get ready in the morning. If there’s something that’s not related to work and that will be beneficial to you, start getting up early for that and stick with it for at least one month to make it a habit.

Cheers to another Monday and I hope you’re not reading this in bed.


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Up & At ‘Em

  1. aindricrow

    Glad to see someone else who feels getting up early can increase motivation. For me getting up early allows time for quiet space to prepare myself for the day, whether that be yoga, meditation, art project or a sunrise hike. I love having long mornings it makes my day feel less consumed by work and then I have time to a make an awsome breakfast. 🙂

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