Pushing Through May Mean To Take A Step Back

For the past couple of weeks, I have been taking off one morning a week from lifting and only doing BJJ on Mondays and Wednesdays. Taking off Tuesdays and Thursdays, I was able to sleep a bit earlier to wake up in the morning and give my body some rest. What’s different about right now?

One of my roommates was eating his dinner while I cooked and shadowboxed in the kitchen. He was interested in my training and I told him when and where and that I’d introduce him to the team. Well, the next week his leg wasn’t ready and this week he came in to try the BJJ and MMA classes.

My roommate definitely has been having a blast at the practices and learning a lot. It’s entertaining to hear him say “I ain’t comin’ back” and shaking his head while panting…during warm-ups. I tell him that the warm-up is the most difficult part of the class and if he makes it through he’ll be fine. He trained with me Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday, I decided to take the day off from going to the gym in the morning and training to give myself a break.

Pushing through

Knowing myself and my loose limitations, it’s difficult for me to either quit something or take a day off. Be it work or training, I feel like there’s always something I can do off the clock to better my chances of succeeding on the clock. Wednesday morning at the gym I decided to take it easy on my body and ride the upright stationary bike for 25 minutes and do some abs. Later that night I ended up pushing myself past some limits during training because my roommate was training and I’ve been having a wonderful week of training. Every night after practice, I tend to not consume any liquids or foods before I weight myself. After my nightly weigh-in, I consume at least 1.5L of water (sometimes mixed with Gatorade powder) to re-hydrate myself.

I felt some inevitable cramping in my muscles and ended up foam rolling one leg while rolling my other leg on a lacrosse balls. Holding myself on my right elbow, my lat started to cramp, stretching my body to my left caused my obliques to cramp…it gets worse. My upper and lower back start to tense up, but stretching my back was going to cause my abs to cramp up. You get the picture. 10 minutes later I end up hysterically laughing face down on my bed with my legs dangling off the edges yelling for my roommate to hand me the water bottles not more than five feet away from me. At this point he heard me laughing from the living room and didn’t know if I was in serious pain or playing around. Thank higher beings that I live with people, otherwise I would still be on the floor or laying on my bed helpless.

The Rest Muscle

The most important and stubborn muscle in your body and mind. I haven’t been training BJJ for long, but once the ball (or body) gets rolling, I don’t want to stop. I end up training every free moment I get and pushing myself to new limits. I also reignited my passion for lifting. Dead lifting 405 pounds with straps and no belt just feels amazing at 0630 on a Monday before work. Lifting, BJJ, and blogging take up 90% of my free time outside of work and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When it comes the longevity of practicing the art, I have trouble letting myself skip training to rest and relax. At work I thought about just sitting on the sidelines at practice to observe and learn from afar, but I know I would find myself on the mat from the sheer passion and positive peer pressure. On my days of rest, BJJ tends to stay on my mind, but my body gets a break for the drilling and strenuous rolling.



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