Day 1 & 2: The Beginning of Change

It was the day that I had waited for three long years…then for two long months…one long week…and finally, my last day working in Washington.

August 12th, 2016

I wake up filled with butterflies that were all sorts of different emotions. Ones that hit the walls with excitement and others that steered clear due to the nervousness and fear. The time had come to pick up the Penske truck, pack it up, say “see you soon” to my parents and head to my cousin’s apartment to see my nephew for a quick hug and kiss. My co-pilot and one of my longest friends, Kory, had never been the route across the country that I had lazily mapped out with certain checkpoints we needed to hit.

Seattle to Spokane

As Kory and I wave bye to my parents, we feel that this epic road trip to inspire all road trips had begun. What better way to kick it off than with the Van Halen – Top Gun Anthem?! This is one of my all time favorite pump up songs that I would crank up just before an exam in college or a heavy lift in the gym. It was my anthem.

My “Adventure Hat” that I take everywhere. From camping, to small vacations, to across the country.

The reason I chose to stop in Spokane and not in Pullman (my college town) was that I had a long running joke with my friend who I went to visit. The joke was that I would go and visit her mother and her mother’s boyfriend (Steve) without telling her, then leave right away. Honestly this is pretty much what happened because we showed up in Spokane around 1830 and Aya (my friend) wouldn’t be home until 2230. As we waited to surprise Aya, her mother and Steve made us some BBQ chicken, ribs, steak, rice and had some beers.

The original plan was to hang out all night and leave in the morning to Yellowstone National Park around noon the next day. Now rethinking the travel times and really what was more important, we decided to spend the whole day in Spokane and leave at 2300 for Yellowstone.

It worked out for the best and we ended up going to a community event called Dam Days. Dam Days had many local vendors, a classic car show, a K9 Unit demonstration and a donkey plot event. The donkey plot event consisted of people buying a plot of land and if the donkey ended up dropping a deuce in that plot, the person won the pot. The K9 Unit from Spokane PD was interesting with all the gizmos and gadgets they had and the lifetime training with their police dogs. After Dam Days, we ended up going to a Mexican restaurant down the road, grabbing some food and drinks for dinner. Heading back home and spending some quality time with friends that are family was the last glimpse of family before I leave for the other side of the country.


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