A Slap In The Ego: Morning Yoga

I am a long way from being what’s considered flexible. I feel flexible after warming up for sports and BJJ, but after making it through my first YouTube yoga video this morning, I laughed at myself. I was humbled quickly realizing how stiff and tight my body was and may consider doing yoga before I shower in the evening to get in two sessions.

I’m considering yoga for flexibility for BJJ purposes mostly, but the other benefits I’ve heard about yoga being meditative and relaxing. To be completely honest, the reason why I haven’t ever made it through a yoga video until this morning is because it was too boring for me. Now that my mind is in a whole other state and I’m looking to yoga for other reasons, it’s going to be another fun challenge to climb the mountain to become mediocre at yoga and see the changes in my body and mind.

The video that I chose this morning was “30 Min Yoga for Strength & Flexibility” by Yoga by Candace.


2 thoughts on “A Slap In The Ego: Morning Yoga

  1. aindricrow

    I love yoga and do every day and I feel a difference when I skip it. I love Yoga with Candance, three others I love which you should try are, Yoga with Adriene, Boho Beautiful, and Erin Motz’s Bad Yogi channel. They all bring incredible energy and give great tips for doing poses correctly at home. Also they have challenges which makes it easy becuase then you have a series to follow and you don’t get stuck in the rut of being unsure of what video to choose. Good luck learning yoga and improving flexibility!

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