Day 4: The Nobel Novelty


Finally, not bought from the grocery store, not from a box, not out of the microwave, the real thing. I’ve been waiting to make this trip for years now and I finally made it to an actual White Castle! One of the most satisfying and worried moments of the whole trip.

Leading Up To The Kingdom

From Miles City, Montana, it was a long haul along the straight I-94 East to St. Cloud Minnesota. Along the way, we stopped in Bismark, North Dakota for some food. The place that caught our eye was a space age themed bar. It was one of the greatest choices because they had a blooming onion and I had to try it.

With the constant driving and feeling of being cramped up in a two person cabin, napping and talking. We had one goal before 11 PM. Get to the kingdom. We saw the magical lights, listening to the GPS and turning around the corner. Unfortunately the magical lights were in our mind and not in their lobby. As we drove up to the speakerbox in the drive thru, a voice thankfully spoke to us and asked us what we wanted. We made jokes with the woman when we drove up to the window because they were about to close and didn’t have much preparation. She took it well and offered us her favorites and even gave us discounts without us knowing and asking. Coincidentally, she was from the Orlando area and has been to every state in the US except for Alaska and Hawaii.

The Novelty

Now I wasn’t expected the greatest burgers on the face of the Earth, but I did expect more. I’m not ungrateful for the actually chance to have actually White Castle that wasn’t from the microwave. Kory and I both had 10 burgers each, two of five of her favorites and a milkshake. We ended up pulling into a Wal-Mart and getting energy drinks for the long haul ahead of us and smashing on about six of the ten burgers each and saving the other four for later. Don’t get me wrong, these were delicious burgers, I was more excited for the novelty of having them from the drive thru window.

Timmy Turtle begging for some mini donuts.
The great white lights.



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