Set Your Ego Aside And Rest

Injuries – Take A Step Back

Monday, during post training rolling/grappling, my partner and I were grip fighting for an opening for a take down. After a few attempts, I went for a hip throw. I stepped my right foot across to his right foot, got my hips aligned with his and went for it. Unfortunately, I did not open up my left foot and it resulted in a minor injury starting in the ankle.

I ended up finishing out the rolling session from our knees and grappling from there. The next round I was granted a break to assess my injury and used it to stretch. Rotating my ankle and making sure my knee was not loose, I stepped back on to the mat and hesitated to be partnered up for the third round. I was willing to push it, but my professor saw differently that I wasn’t ready for the last two rounds and suggested I sit out to make sure I don’t injure myself further.

Waking up Tuesday, I was still able to walk just fine after a couple minutes of being on my feet, but there is still pain when I face the inside of my left too towards my right foot. I also feel a tightness behind my knee and on the outer portion of it, hoping it’s not my LCL. I’ve already torn my ACL in my left knee and had my roommate make sure it was stable.

Now for Wednesday, I contemplated all day whether or not I should go to training and take it easy, sit there and not step foot on the mats, or just head home and rest for the remainder of the week. Training while injured is a good thing because your partner will take extra care and avoid your bummed body part and it gives you a chance to work on your own weaknesses. Sitting on the sidelines, I would have been positively peer pressured into training and it’s pretty hard to stay off if I walked in with my gym bag. So I ended up heading home and letting my body have the well deserved rest.

Injuries suck, but sometimes you have to put aside your ego and pride in order to get better. It’s not worth the risk of making a minor injury into a major one just to test your “toughness” or dedication to the sport.


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