Day 7: Final Destination

Day 7

Our first full day of being in Florida and the sun did not upset us. The humidity hit us Washingtonians with a surprise, but it did not take long to get used to. The stop lights here take much longer to change and the drivers here have no regard to other cars on the road. Florida is a huge melting pot of people being so close to the Caribbean Islands, a known retirement state, and the home of Disney World.

I already had Day 7 planned with the appointments to see apartments and one house. The apartments were a bit out of my price range, but with some tight budgeting and smart decisions, they would be able to work. I had my eye on one place in particular and used many of the appointments as backups and fillers until the house appointment.

A 4 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms (my shared bathroom has two showers), cozy neighborhood, W/S/G, $100 electricity included for each tenant, internet/cable provided, close to UCF, and near a major highway. All for $700 per month. Now compared to my rent in Seattle, this was a steal. I would be moving in with 3 strangers, near a college, and not too far from work. It was really all I could ask for. I didn’t know anyone when I moved and was given 3 people off the bat.

The house isn’t all that impressive and does have some cons. There’s no garage clicker, we live next to the HOA president, the kitchen was in need of a remodel, the yard is full of weeds, there was not A/C until that Wednesday, and my room was not cleaned before hand. What more would I expect from an all-inclusive house? I wasn’t going to complain and I needed to be frugal off the bat.

Back at the hotel

Palm Trees

After a couple of hours spent apartment hunting, Kory and I sat around for a little bit in our hotel to muster up some energy and brainstorm what we wanted to do for the rest of the day. We ended up staying on the resort and playing mini golf, taking a night swim, and going out to get a ton of Italian food. Both of us being observant scientist, mini golf was an interesting puzzle. We walked through and recorded each hole through for our vlogs and assisted each other on what path to take. Meeting other visitors from London, New York, and other places made the play a lot more enjoyable.

Mini Golf

For the night time swim, there were two different pools and we were pointed to the pool that would have more adults rather than rowdy children running around. Thankfully this pool had a bar where the bartender hooked me up with a little extra. The pool was relaxing and just what we both needed after a long road trip to the opposite corner of the country.

As for dinner, we yelped a couple of places and landed on Italian food. Pasta, garlic bread, and a calzone to take care of the night. As we waited for our food to be made, we ended up parking in a lot where we almost ended up getting towed. To say the least, we went on a binge and were satisfied with our decision of food.

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