Day 8: The Warm Atlantic Ocean

Being from the Pacific Northwest (PNW), every chance I took a dip in a lake, river, or ocean, it was freezing cold. Walking into The Puget Sound on Alki Beach and white water rafting in Leavenworth, WA in the Icicle Creek (obviously the water wouldn’t be warm with a name like that). Even driving 3.5 hours west to get to Ocean Shores, WA for a sunny weekend of camping didn’t come close to the warm water I felt at Daytona Beach, FL.

The water was much more salty than the Pacific Ocean, but the surprisingly warm temperature really threw me off. I was expecting to shiver for the first minute and want to leave the next. I was confused and Kory and I stayed in the water with our GoPros for at least a half an hour just jumping in the waves and playing on the beach like the little kids we are inside. It was so relaxing and really made me feel like I was “home” even though I had just officially signed a lease 3 hours before.

2 Month Before

After my second day of interviews, back in June 2016, I headed straight to Daytona Beach to experience an East Coast Beach. I didn’t get in the water at this time but I did eat at Joe’s Crab Shack, grabbed ice cream at Zeno’s, and walked on the boardwalk to watch a street performer. I felt like I was on a real life set of Rocket Power and I was a shoobie (an old Nickelodeon cartoon, shoobies were people that walked on the beach in shoes). But sitting on the roof of Joe’s Crab Shack and looking out into the endless Atlantic Ocean was a trip. Knowing that I was going to be living an hour’s drive from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean rather than 3.5 hours away from cold ass Pacific Ocean.

Back To August

When Kory and I were finished enjoying the warm Atlantic, we walked down the shore and grew hungry. Kory hasn’t eaten at a Joe’s Crab Shack on the shore before, so we went there. I missed the opportunity to walk down the pier back in June because they close the gate at a certain time, so we fulfilled that minor milestone. As we got to the end of the pier, two tourists asked if we were local and we let out a laugh and informed them that I was had just moved here and we drove from Seattle. Coincidentally, we came to find out later, this newly engaged couple were from Portland, OR.

As we walked back towards Joe’s Crab Shack and up the stairs to the roof, they walked towards their old table and we invited them to join us for drinks and some food. They had already eaten but they accepted to invitation for some conversation. We ended up enjoying each other’s company and connecting with them on a personal level, which made me feel comfortable and confident that I could meet people with ease and I attracted others to me without knowing.

As it was Kory’s turn to drive and my turn to sleep, I drank quite a bit with the couple and Kory also wanted to try the ice cream place I went to. I couldn’t pass up ice cream after some beers and food, so dessert it was.

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