Day 10: Turning The Page

It’s been almost 8 months since I packed up and drove across the country. Looking back and reflecting on the trip that Kory and I took. Every place that we stopped by had a meaning and a purpose. Every person I saw before I left, meant something special to me. Family and friends coming out for food and drinks.

A Recap

Azteca Restaurant, Lucky 7 Bar, and The RAM Brewery

Seeing my family and friends for those last moments before I left was something that I needed and let me have some sort of “closure”. To me, moving across the country was not a huge deal, but it was a life changing event. I’ve always wanted to move somewhere, travel and experience other places in the world.

I saw moving across the country as an opportunity to grow myself and my career. I felt stagnant and trapped at my previous position and company and did not know whether or not I was going to be able to move out of state if I didn’t take this chance.

Spokane, WA

A day well spent with a family who treats me like their own. Surprising a friend and staying longer than scheduled. Eating BBQ, spending the night drinking and playing Nintendo 64, going to Dam Days, eating Mexican food, driving a 350Z convertible, attempting to fix jet skis and just spending quality time. It was a nice send off on my last stop in Washington.

Yellowstone National Park and White Castle

Yellowstone has its own natural beauty that I needed to experience. Seeing Old Faithful and buffalo herds roaming around freely. The rolling hills and dense forests. The fact that I got to spend a day driving through only a portion of Yellowstone. Next time there I will set aside a week to try to experience more and maybe camp out with or without a companion.

As for White Castle, the pure novelty that I am able to say that I drove across the country for little mini burgers that I could have bought in a store. They were better than store-bought obviously, but they weren’t the most delicious thing in the world. I’ve always wanted to take the trip the way Harold and Kumar intended it, but considering the circumstances, being sober was the smart decision.

Orlando, FL

Where the chapter comes to an end. Where I said “see you later” to one of my best friends. Where my new life began. The next stepping stone in a journey that doesn’t end. Another state to experience. Not only did this move help my future career, but opened up another world of Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

So far, Florida has thrown me curveballs here and there, but I’ve survived. The personal and financial hurdles have helped me grow along the way and with each one that knocks me right in the nose, I learn to keep my hands up and eventually counter to stay on my feet.

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