NYC Day 1: Feeling Small in the Big Apple

The great thing about having adult money is that you can take adult vacations with your adult friends. Two of my best friends from back home in Seattle, Sean and Malatha, met me in a place we’ve all never been before for a bro trip (I can become a bro around my friends and don’t always act like one) and for the sake of adventure. We were told a couple things before we left like how to act, what not to do, where to go, where not to go, wallet in the front pocket, bring cash, hot spots, etc.

When we got there, it was like whatever we were told was true, but forgotten. Three young men with wide-eyes and the sense of adventure together couldn’t keep us from making some amateur mistakes. All in all, the trip was a learning experience and worth every penny.

Subway Familiarity

Public transportation is something that I don’t have much experience with, but it all made sense once I looked at the map as a puzzle. Being on the correct side of the platform and being able to tell which way the subway was going took some analytical work. Off the bat, I noticed that each sign had the last stop listed and if we just so happened to go the wrong way, we would just hop off and run to the other side to hop back on. The efficiency of the NYC subway system and traffic has opened up my eyes to the big city and it’s pulling me into wanting a city life.

What helped us get around was the New York Subway – MTA map and routes planner app. It saved us a huge headache and saved us from being lost many of times.


Being the tourists and our first time in the Big Apple, we didn’t really know what to expect and how big the city really was. So Sean and I walked down one of the main streets in search of a brunch spot. Our Airbnb was in a hipster part of Brooklyn and 983 Cafe lived up to the culture around it.

We were expecting to pay $20 a plate at least and weren’t surprised by what we would have considered being “over-priced” food. But we knew it was NYC and didn’t really complain. Being the WSU Cougs we are, we say mimosas on the menu and had to get one each. The atmosphere was nice and it actually reminded us of Seattle. 983 was kind of a hole in the wall and in an area that looked much like Columbia City Seattle.

Sean had the chicken and waffles and I had the eggs benedict. We had nothing but positive sounds coming out of our mouths and were more than pleased with our first taste of New York food.

Billymark’s West

$8 Millers and any shot, what more could you ask for? I probably spent about $100 on just this deal and Sean probably about $50. Now this is the first time I’ve seen Michelle for about 2 or 3 years and it’s always a good time with her. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Getting Home

There’s nothing more sobering than having to figure out how to get home from Manhattan to Brooklyn on your first night in the city. Being drunk with your buddy who isn’t familiar with the city either and new to public transportation with 12% combined phone battery was one of the bone chilling experiences I’ve had.


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