NYC Day 2: A Day of Ups and Downs

For the first day, it was just my best friend Sean and I. I met Malatha through Sean our first year of college and we instantly clicked. 8 years later we’re meeting up as adults in a city we all haven’t experienced.


Monte Cristo and cold brew

Now we aren’t picky eaters at all. We eat anything and you will see that in the dinner portion. Every morning we would lay in our beds on google, searching for a place with food and coffee, or two places that were close enough to each other that had one or the other.

We found a place called Bushwick Grind and it wasn’t what we expected. It was a narrow coffee shop that we didn’t think we were going to sit down and eat at. Usually coffee shops don’t have full plate meals and just to-go hand foods for on-the-go. Not this one. They were very polite and homey to the point the cook and barista were chatting it up with us. They were playing music that made all three of us flashback to middle school and early high school. We were singing and rapping along and when they noticed our enthusiasm, they were taking requests and turning it up louder. Granted, we were 3 of 5 customers in the shop.

Malatha (left) & Sean (right)

9/11 Memorial & Museum

Bone chilling. Anger inducing. Emotional. Inspiring.

When 9/11 happened, Sean, Malatha, and I were only 11 years old. We understood what happened, but did not fully understand the impact. Now that we’re older, memorials and museums have much more meaning to them than when we were children. I cannot explain the feelings and emotions had.

When you visit NYC, go to the memorial and museum. Talking about my experience there does not do the experience justice. Most of the time, it was us three walking around on our own, snapping stories and pictures, reading the timelines and descriptions, and whispering to one another.

There was nothing to be said because being there made us speechless. The voice recordings, the fire trucks on display, pictures, videos, and memorabilia of the day were heart breaking.

One World Trade Center

Tribeca Film Festival

Kobe, Glen Keane and Strahan

Having a friend that is interested in film has its perks. I had no idea what to expect out of the film festival. Sean told me it was the debut of his animated film, which I thought was going to be longer than it really was and a full length movie, but I was not disappointed at all. The animated film was based on Kobe’s poem Dear Basketball and it went through his childhood of working hard for what he wanted, the pain and suffering his body endured throughout his career, and him saying goodbye to basketball.

Being in the presence of four living legends (Phil Jackson was somewhere behind us) was a trip. I didn’t know that they were going to go through the making and the process of the animated short. I also didn’t know that Strahan was going to moderate the conversation. Everything that they said just blew me away.

View of New Jersey from Pier 25 as we waited to enter BMCC for the Tribeca Film Festival

Dinner in China Town

Fried pork intestine

As I mentioned earlier, we aren’t picky eaters. The waiter was very surprised at our two choices of roasted duck and pork intestine that he asked us if we were sure about what we wanted. Getting some authentic Chinese food from China Town was one of our favorite meals that we ended up ordering Chinese take a couple nights later. We walked up and down the street and chose the restaurant with hanging duck and pieces of pork in the window so that we knew they were real.

We all agreed on that fried rice was a given. I chose the roast duck. Malatha with the salt and pepper squid and Sean with the pig intestine. The waiter seemed was very happy to serve us because he didn’t think three young, Asian American, out of town men were going to order what we did, then demolish the food at that. We wiped our plates clean and didn’t leave a trace of mean or grain of rice anywhere.

Half roast duck
Salf an pepper squid
Beef fried rice

Thank you for reading and for the follows. I’m glad that you enjoy my story and blog thus far and am working on posting more frequently and sharing my experiences with you.

Coming Up

  • NYC Day 3
  • My friends came down to visit!

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