Being Injured Sucks

The Gentle / Not-So-Gentle Art BJJ is known as the gentle art, in the sense that it focuses more on technique over strength. Obviously, a small amount of strength is needed for moves, but strength has no place in BJJ without proper leverages and technique. Now the gentle art isn't so gentle on your body. …

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What BJJ Has Done for Me

BJJ has a solid reputation of benefiting the lives of its practitioners. It's a physically stimulating game of human chess that racks the brain and pushes the mind to the limit. Trying to lure your opponent into the trap you have set up. Initiating and chaining moves together to catch your opponent off guard. An …

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Becoming a BJJ Blue Belt

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has made tremendous bounds from the days of Grandmaster Helio learning the art to being one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing sport in the world today. Before the days of the UFC, BJJ needed to be chased, you needed to know somebody who knew some one else who heard …

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