via Daily Prompt: Messy Last night I reconnected with one of my buddies from college. He's one of the many I took under my wing as a little sibling. It's been awesome seeing him grow up throughout college and over snapchat. We got into a semi-deep conversation through a simple question that I'm asked or …

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A Step To Better Health

For the first time since I started to drink alcohol, I spent a sober New Year's Eve. No cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or alcohol. Not going to lie, it was an uneventful night and I spent it in my apartment reading a book. My BJJ teammates and I had spent the previous night out at the …

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Finally Living Alone

Living alone is one of my biggest accomplishments so far. For the 27 years that I've been alive, there's always been someone else in my living space and's just me! Don't get me wrong, the first 18 years were with my parents and younger brother. That came with all the struggles, triumphs, growing pains, …

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