NYC Day 1: Feeling Small in the Big Apple

The great thing about having adult money is that you can take adult vacations with your adult friends. Two of my best friends from back home in Seattle, Sean and Malatha, met me in a place we've all never been before for a bro trip (I can become a bro around my friends and don't always …

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New York City

Vacation Time My first (from what I consider) adult vacation. I didn't go home to family or stay in town to just take a break from work. I got on a plane and met two friends in a city where we all have not been to. I forgot about work and life back home for …

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“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”

via Daily Prompt: Exposure Do you feel stuck in life or in a rut? Living the same day-to-day life and doing nothing on the weekends? Get yourself out there in a foreign element. Try something new at least once a month. One activity is bound to stick and become a routine, once that schedule gets …

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